Gut Health

Barbara O'Neill shares knowledge on how to care for the gut.

GUT HEALTH- Death begins in the colon - I was raised on this quote by herbalist Dr. Christopher and quickly learned so does taking back your health by cleansing, balancing and rebuilding colon health!!!

CLEANSING- Herbal detoxing with dietary changes and visceral massage begins ridding a lifetime of buildup in the gut.

BALANCING- Balancing the fungal loads by bringing down inflammation, introducing prebiotics, ridding food sensitivities and allergies with each session. Bone Broth Recipe

BUILDING- It's finally time to inoculate the gut with probiotics. This very important step is misunderstood, that it only requires swallowing a capsule every day, when indeed it is only successful when the gut is properly cleaned, with low inflammation and the prebiotics have taken hold. (remember prebiotics are FOOD for the probiotics to live!)